These SickKids moms just want one thing for Mother's Day

Ask a mom whose kid is in the hospital what she wants for Mother's Day and she'll say, "Nothing, I'm fine." Here's why.

When most people think of the best Mother’s Day gift, they imagine flowers, breakfast in bed or a relaxing day at the spa. But some moms couldn’t care less about any of that because they just want one thing—for their kid who is sick in the hospital to get better.

Girl with her character themed prosthetic arm. How Disney is giving kids who've lost limbs superpowers In this touching new video from SickKids, we see real moms whose kids have been diagnosed with serious illnesses explain why they don’t need any bouquets, dinners or chocolates for Mother’s Day. The video, which is titled Nothing, is part of their SickKids VS campaign and follows the same idea as last year’s Mom Strong video, showing the complete selflessness every mom possesses when their kid is sick.

Even if you don’t have a loved one in the hospital, this video will get right to your core to tug on your heartstrings. Grab a box of tissues and take a look.

We’re not crying. You’re crying.

The video is also tied to their Get Better Gifts program, which encourages people to gift a donation instead of the usual Mother’s Day presents. We know what we’ll be asking for this Mother’s Day.

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