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Watch the new Sick Kids hospital campaign that proves sickness is not weakness

You've got to watch this kick-ass, empowering new campaign from Sick Kids.

By Today's Parent
Photo: Nikki Ormerod Westside Studio Photo: Nikki Ormerod Westside Studio

Being sick doesn't mean you're weak.

That's what Sick Kids hospital's newest ad proves. In a series of vignettes of various illnesses, from cystic fibrosis to cancer, the ad depicts little warriors fighting life-threatening illnesses.

Rather than pulling at our heart strings, this brand of marketing aims to empower other kids with illnesses, as well as to inspire people to donate. It does, of course, still drop-kick us in the feels in a big way. And those pint-sized superheroes! Ugh!

The VS campaign, which came together with the help of two clowns, nearly 300 people, one horse and one tiger, will be begin airing in the fall, premiering on the big screen at the Toronto Maple Leafs' home opener on October 15.

Watch the moving video here

This article was originally published on Oct 14, 2016

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