This Costco-obsessed five-year-old just had the birthday party of her dreams

Hint: Her party was stacked with Kirkland pizza, fruit snacks and samples galore.

This Costco-obsessed five-year-old just had the birthday party of her dreams

Photo: Niki Walker

The free samples, that long table full of books, those stiff, thick Kirkland signature jeans, the pizza and fries at the end of the checkout—honestly, who doesn't love Costco? But as much as you think you love Costco, your affinity for the wholesale store doesn't come close to matching that of five-year-old Kimber's. For her, Costco is life. So much so that she passed up a glittery princess bash for the birthday party she's always wanted: A Costco-themed one.

“She is obsessed with Costco,” Niki Walker, the North Carolina preschooler's mom, told the The Huffington Post“We served hotdogs and pizza, set up sample stations, printed dollars with her face on them, had Costco pizza and Kirkland ice cream. We also had a little shop set up, and everyone designed their own membership cards.”

Kimber has been lobbying for an at-home Costco-themed party for two years, her mom said, so she finally gave in to her request.

Of course, her family named the birthday girl Employee of the Month, but even cuter than that: The local Winston-Salem Costco gifted Kimber her own legit employee badge. Her guests also had their chance to pose as mini staffers—in front of the photo wall the Walkers set up at the party.

Costco-obsessed five-year-old in front of an employee of the month photo booth wall Photo: Niki Walker

They also had a sample station...

Costco samples at birthday party Photo: Niki Walker

Accurately labelled food...

Pot with a Costco-esque sign underneath describing food Photo: Niki Walker

Kirkland pizza...

Kirkland Pizza boxes Photo: Niki Walker

And an amazing Costco-themed cake.

Costco-themed chocolate cake Photo: Niki Walker


If you ask us, this party looks amaze and we wish we'd been invited! Keep doing you, Kimber.

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