These former Olympic rivals just welcomed the cutest baby into the world

These two women have faced off in many Olympic gold medal games over the last few years, but now they stand together to raise their newborn daughter.

When it comes to women’s hockey, the Olympic ice has been home to a rivalry of epic proportions between the U.S. and Canada for almost two decades. However, this adorable baby proves that love is stronger than any rivalry.

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The U.S. and Canada have faced off in the gold medal match for four out of the five Winter Games that occurred since women’s ice hockey became an Olympic sport. Of those four matches, Julie Chu and Caroline Ouellette have played on opposing sides for three of them (Chu for the U.S. and Ouellette for Canada). Talk about a Romeo and Juliet situation.

While the two women won’t be playing in the upcoming 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang, they have been gearing up to face a new kind of challenge: parenthood.

The couple recently announced that their daughter, Liv Chu-Ouellette, was born on Nov. 5, 2017. One of Ouellette’s former coaches shared the good news on Twitter late last week.

There are no gold medals to win in the world of parenting, but if their mom skills are anywhere close to their hockey skills, they’re sure to be winners in the eyes of their daughter. Now the question is, which national team will their daughter play for in 2042?

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