Tim Horton’s loves #GirlHockey

The coffee chain’s new cups score a point for gender equality in sports.

IMG_2828[1] The latest coffee cup from Tim Horton's.

The holidays are coming, and the reason I know this is because the festive cups are out at all the coffee shops. And here’s my favourite one:

Tim Horton’s winter cups usually depict Canadiana scenes of hockey, but this year they added the twist of a showing a girl (or a boy with very long hair) playing. Either way—awesome.

My 10-year-old daughter is a hockey fanatic, both as a player and a fan. She’s mentioned to me before that it bothers her that she rarely sees girls playing sports on TV. To her, it’s common for girls to skate and run and kick ass; it’s never occurred to her that she shouldn’t. The dearth of images of female players and even sports fans feels totally at odds with her world, as well as the reality more than 85,000 women and girls that play hockey in this country, according to Hockey Canada.

I know if she continues to play hockey, she’ll face obstacles, including the fact that Mommy really doesn’t like those early morning practices. But for now, I’m happy for her to live in a world where seeing a girl playing hockey is as normal as getting your morning cup of joe.

This article was originally published on Nov 03, 2015

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