What the future royal baby will be like based on their Zodiac sign

With two passionate, kind and hardworking parents, Baby Sussex is sure to be a class act—but here's what the stars have in store for Prince Harry and Meghan's little one, a likely Taurus.

By Meghan Wray, Hello! Canada
What the future royal baby will be like based on their Zodiac sign

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There’s no doubt the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s upcoming royal baby will take on their parents’ characteristics. The duo have a ton of passion, great senses of humour and big hearts to pass down to their child. If Baby Sussex is born between April 20 and May 20 (which is likely!), the child will be a Taurus. And here’s what that really means!

According to Allure’s horoscope expert, earth signs are known to be very practical and grounded—not unlike Prince Harry and Meghan, who both show off their down-to-earth natures with every royal engagement. Harry’s birthday is Sept. 15, which means he is a Virgo. Allure describes Virgos as kind, detail-oriented, and supportive people who like to problem-solve. Meghan, meanwhile, is a Leo since her birthday is Aug. 4. says people born under that sign are “natural leaders” who are “hard-working” and “passionate.” These are all really great traits for anyone’s parents to have!

Getting back to Baby Sussex, Taurus is also represented by the bull, which symbolizes level-headedness, stamina, provision, stability, virility, strength, helpfulness, determination and confidence. There’s no doubt the royal baby will carry the same conviction as their parents!

Just like Duchess Meghan, it seems Baby Sussex will also be inclined to enjoy the beautiful pleasures of life—like good food and relaxation, according to Ganesha Speaks. This is certainly no surprise given that Meghan is a self-proclaimed “foodie” with a love for getting the most out of life. Before she married Harry, the 37-year-old was often spotted around her second home of Toronto, enjoying meals at the city’s best restaurants and cooking full turkey dinners for her closest pals.

Ganesha Speaks went on to say many believe Taurus is the most dependable of all signs—and their loyalty to their family, friends and projects never wavers. Willingness, pertinence and a little bit stubbornness will all combine to make a dedicated and level-headed royal baby.

Baby Sussex will likely share a zodiac sign with Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s two youngest children. Charlotte is known for her curiosity and charisma (remember her adorable wave while meeting Louis at the Lindo Wing?), so she and Baby Sussex will certainly get along. The Queen, whose birthday is April 21, is also a Taurus!

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