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Babyscope: Taurus

Strong-minded and determined, Taurus babies are willing to work hard to get what they want.

By Today's Parent
horoscope-taurus-660x660Early Taurus: April 20 to 30

Babies born under the earth sign of Taurus orient themselves to the world through their senses. Touch, especially, is a big deal to these babes. Lots of hugs and cuddles keep him happy and content and soothe his little nerves when he's upset. Gentle stroking can help allay the stress of teething. Strong-minded, patient and easygoing, your growing youngster can be counted on to stick to his word and to reach the goals he sets for himself. No goal is too high for this determined bull.

Mid Taurus: May 1 to 10 Taurean babies are patient, loving and affectionate. They can endure more stress than most and not get too bothered by it. He's easygoing, yes, but has a stubborn streak especially when his mind is made up about something. The more you push, the deeper he digs in his little hoofs. Ironically, it's this very attitude of steadfast resolution this will ensure his success as he gets older.

Late Taurus: May 11 to 20 These babes have a good appetite and love to eat, so keeping them happy and fed should be a breeze. A full tummy is bliss for Taurean tots. This appreciation for food carries on as he grows, and he'll want to help you in the kitchen as soon as he's able. His taste will become more refined as he gets older, and quality will beat out quantity every time. Only the best will do, in food, music and clothes, but your budding entrepreneur will be more than willing to work odd jobs to support his good taste!

This article was originally published on Feb 03, 2014

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