Prince Harry and Meghan spilled details on their 11-hour flight with baby Archie

The Sussexes kicked off their royal tour of Africa with their four-month-old's longest flight ever.

Prince Harry and Meghan spilled details on their 11-hour flight with baby Archie

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The thought of a long-haul flight with a baby can trigger a whirlwind of emotions—from the fear that your little one will keep hundreds of fellow passengers awake all night to the excitement of an hours-long cuddle session while you watch movies that were recently in the theatre (!). When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle kicked off their royal tour of Africa by hopping a British Airways flight from London to Cape Town on Sunday, their longest ever with their baby boy in tow, we'd bet they were feeling the pressure.

During a busy first few days in South Africa, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited a Muslim family in Cape Town for some tea and talk, where they were all too happy to chat about their four-month-old son—who, by all accounts, is a traveller's dream (we're not jealous, you're jealous).

"She was speaking about motherhood and the transition and said that Archie was a good traveller," said Waseefa Majiet, a friend of the hosts, according to Hello! "She said the transition was quite smooth because he’s an easy baby and he was an easy traveller, Harry said he slept on his chest almost 11 hours (during the flight)." Now, all envy aside, the image of Harry sleeping with Archie on his chest (especially given reports that their babe has "tufts of reddish hair" just like his daddy) is definitely tingling our ovaries.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and baby Archie at a rugby match Prince Harry, Meghan and Archie at a polo match this summer. Photo: Getty Images

According to Nazli Ebrosss Fakier, another invitee to the tea, Meghan dished some more details on their little one. "He's just really, really happy and an easy traveller. He's having a ball of a time, screaming and shouting." And Harry told her how amazing it feels to be in one of his favourite countries with his family: "His dad couldn't stop talking about him being so happy here in Cape Town and he's also so happy to be here with his family in Africa, which he loves."

Later, they dropped by the British High Commissioner's residence for a youth reception, where baby was still on the brain for the new parents, who vowed to be with Archie for bath and bedtime as much as possible to maintain consistency throughout the tour. According to a fellow guest, Meghan was all of us on the plane, crossing her fingers for a smooth flight and settling into yet another new-mom half-sleep. "They said it was the longest flight they have taken with Archie. She slept with one eye open – but he was very good."

On Monday, Harry told locals at the District Six Museum that his firstborn was getting some shuteye after the long flight, assuring them that the royal cutie is "not grouchy, just exhausted." But it was all worth it, as he joked that his son took in all the sights while their plane prepared to touch down in Africa. "He was staring out the window as we flew in.. looking at Table Mountain."


Fans got a glimpse of the Sussex squad arriving in Cape Town, where Meghan was carrying a bundled-up baby Archie as they left the airport. The cherry on top of his cozy little outfit was a cream-coloured toque with a pom pom on top—one that looks very similar to the hat his dad, Prince Harry, wore at almost the same age while arriving in Scotland with Princess Diana in 1985. Gave us chills!

Harry, Meghan and Archie are in Africa until Oct. 2, but haven't committed to any special outings with their babe just yet. We'd guess they'll bring him to one event over the next week (please?!) but they've made no promises, understandably. Honestly, what's less predictable than an infant's mood? A royal source told Hello! that “the couple hope to include Archie at some point in the programme, but it’s difficult to schedule.”

This article was originally published on Sep 24, 2019

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