This 8-year-old was named after her parents' favourite candy

Is this sweet or ridiculous?

Choosing a name for your kid is a big decision, no doubt. When North Carolina-mom, Renee Cupp, was pregnant with her second daughter, her top name for her unborn baby was Lily. However, as her pregnancy wore on, she and her husband thought, why not have some fun with their surname? The result: naming their child in honour of their favourite brand of chocolate-peanut buttery goodness.

Elderly woman pointing her finger with anger and elderly man laughing/smiling The top 14 baby names your parents and in-laws will hateYep, they named their daughter Reese E. Cupp (the E stands for Eve).

“It’s our favourite candy for sure,” Cupp told People. “We have it in the house almost all the time.”

Cupp started getting recognition for her daughter’s cutesy name earlier this month when she entered a social media contest for Reese’s new Outrageous Bar, which is a peanut butter cup in bar-form filled with Reese’s Pieces and caramel. (Sign us up!) The contest asked people to post photos with the hashtag #reesesoutrageous to show how much they love Reese’s. Obviously Cupp had to get in on the action (there was a year’s supply of the candy up for grabs!).

Now, if we were the peanut butter cup company, we would be more than flattered, but there’s also something a bit cheesy about these  jokey play-on-word names, don’t you think? We’re not judging, but perhaps a cutesy name like this is better suited to your cat, rather than your child (imagine introducing yourself as Reese E. Cupp at a job interview. That’s a conversation starter, for sure).

Luckily, Reese isn’t that uncommon of a name, and (so far) the young girl doesn’t seem to mind it a bit. “She loves her name,” her mom said. “She always says ‘oh, little Reese Cup. I’m a little Reese Cup.’ She loves everything chocolate.” Hopefully that pride and self-love stays strong as she grows up.

For now, let’s just be glad that little Reese didn’t end up developing a peanut allergy because being named after something that could kill you doesn’t sound like any fun.

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