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You'll never guess the baby names parents regret the most

A survey in England found that one in five moms regret their baby's name. And it's not because they named their newborn after a piece of fruit or a character from The Hobbit.

Picking the perfect name for your sweet babe is a tough gig. There’s a lot of pressure to find a name that you like and that will grow with your kid. But a poll in England found that up to one in five new moms regrets her baby name choice.

I bet you’re wondering what names they picked. The list-toppers aren’t anything too ridiculous like ABCDE or a type of ancient writing paper (Hi Papyrus), they’re actually just common names…a little too common.

According to those surveyed, the baby names became too popular and weren’t unique enough. The same study also found that parents usually regret the name they picked within five weeks of birth. Ruh roh.

Check out the surprisingly regrettable name picks:

Charlotte: The name gained popularity thanks to Sex and the City‘s Charlotte York, but the moniker has had a recent spike (it’s the third most popular name in Canada) thanks to Princess Charlotte. Really, can a royal name be too common?

Elsa: OK, this one we get. It’s a lovely name, but it has been overplayed. Can we please just move on from Frozen?

Anne: Seriously?! We fear this name will only become more popular thanks to the reboot of Anne of Green Gables. Also, another royal connection here. The Queen’s daughter is named Anne.

Amelia: This name is often shortened to Amy, Millie and Mia. As an Amelia myself who knows only one other Amelia, I give this one a little eye roll—but maybe Amelia is more popular in England. The Queen’s granddaughter is named Mia. Maybe everyone should stay away from royal names!

Did your babe’s “common” moniker make the list of regrettable choices? And did you worry that your baby name was too common?

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