Kate Hudson never wants to think about her vagina being this big again

Kate Hudson, her baby-bump and her mom Goldie Hawn were recently on The Ellen show—and they revealed what happened the last time she gave birth.

Kate Hudson never wants to think about her vagina being this big again

Usually people bring you flowers after you've given birth, but Goldie Hawn brought her daughter flowers during labour—for a very unusual reason.

Joining her daughter Kate Hudson on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Goldie recalls all of her delivery-room antics from her grandson Bing's birth. Goldie brought a huge magnolia flower into the delivery room and told Kate—who was in the middle of labour—to think of her vagina as this large bloom and imagine it opening. We can probably all agree with Kate’s reaction to this…

"I never want to think of my vagina that big ever!"

The funniest part is that in reality, a magnolia flower basically falls apart after blossoming. So symbolically, and we’re sure unintentionally, Goldie was directing some very weird tearing vibes at her daughter.

She also confessed to grabbing pizza and Doritos, all while Kate was dilating the stirrups. "I was hungry," Goldie says, in an attempt to defend herself.


The glamorous grandma needs to get ready to be in the delivery room again because Kate looks like she is ready to give birth to her daughter any day now.

“Let’s just say you probably have never had anyone this pregnant on your show,” Kate told Ellen. But the host was prepared for an on-air birth, as she had cooking tongs, oven mitts and hand sanitizer.

Thankfully, Kate made it through the show without going into labour. We can't wait to find out what Grandma Goldie does when her granddaughter arrives. She has planted a magnolia tree in her front yard, so there might be another flower coming Kate's way.

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