It's National Baby-Making Day so snuggle close and make some magic

January 2nd is the day when the most babies are conceived, so if you were thinking of having a baby, today just might be your lucky day.

It's National Baby-Making Day so snuggle close and make some magic

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Happy National Baby-Making Day!

Apparently, January 2nd happens to be the one day of the year when the most babies are conceived, so if you're considering adding another kid to your family, today's the day to get it done. (Or rather, tonight's the night *wink wink*)

This holiday stems from the fact that September is the most popular month for birthdays, meaning a lot of those babies were conceived in the boozy bliss of the holiday season. While the holidays may be over, we have a few ideas as to why today may be so alluring.

Maybe it's a non-intoxicated, non-hungover extension of that midnight kiss from New Year's Eve. Or the winter chill makes you and your partner feel more cuddly and more likely to stay indoors.

Perhaps the soft glow of the Christmas lights you haven't had the heart to take down just yet is perfect for setting the mood. Or maybe you just wanna spend some quiet time just the two of you after the flurry of family and friends.

Whatever the reason, people seem to be doing the do today, so maybe you should too! (Unless you don't want a baby, that is, in which case you should maybe just stay away from any human contact until tomorrow.)

Conception has a lot to do with timing, but jokes aside, there's no way a specific date can randomly increase everyone's fertility. However, if you and your partner already have baby on the brain, there's no harm in trying, right?

Plus, if you were thinking of which position is most likely to get you pregnant, we have all the answers right here. (HINT: it's all of them!)


This article was originally published on Jan 02, 2018

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