Why are there so many September birthdays?

For some reason (ahem, spiked eggnog nine months prior), way more babies are born in September than any other month.

Why are there so many September birthdays?

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September: A time to go back to school, eat some apples and ... birth some babies. You're not imagining it: there are a lot of September birthdays.

According to a report from Time magazine, September is the most common month for babies to be born. And if you want to get all specific, September 9th and 16th are the most popular birth dates (it seems the baby boom is loudest between September 9 to 20; check to see how popular your birthday is here). Of course, this means that all those precious little Virgo and Libra babes were created in December during a holiday shag.

Oh, we get it. The weather outside is frightful, there's a warm glow from the Christmas tree, mistletoe in every doorway and boozy eggnog just sitting there in the punch bowl. The mood is set.

Interestingly, December, January and February ranked as the least common months for babies to be born, with Christmas day and New Years Day being the least popular for births.

So, what are you doing New Year's Eve?

This article was originally published on Sep 20, 2017

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