How far would you go to reunite your child with their teddy bear?

How far would you go to reunite your child with their teddy bear?

(Picture: Twitter/FlyLoganair)

Wouldn't you love to be a teddy bear? Always taken care of, hugged and talked to. And the VIP treatment just got taken up a notch for a lost and beloved bear from the Scottish Orkney Isles.

After four-year-old Summer accidentally left her teddy bear at Edinburgh airport, she was devastated.

Her mum, Donna, realized Teddy was missing just as their flight was taking off.

When they landed back home, she sent out a Facebook message to Edinburgh airport alerting everyone to keep an eye out for precious teddy.

Luckily, cabin crew member Kirsty Walter came to the rescue. She saw the post and went searching for teddy. Once she'd located the bear, he was put on a 200-mile flight back home to Summer.

Loganair staff with the teddy (Picture: Twitter/FlyLoganair)

Teddy received first-class treatment from Loganair staff, and even met the pilots. His journey was documented and shared on the company Facebook page.

And at the final destination, there was a heartwarming reunion. Check out Summer smiling from ear to ear.

Summer with her teddy and Loganair staff (Picture: Twitter/FlyLoganair)

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