You won't believe what this awesome grandpa got for a five-month-old

It's beary over the top.

Photo: Sabrina Gonzalez via Twitter

Photo: Courtesy of Sabrina Gonzalez via Twitter

It’s a known fact that grandparents love to spoil their grandkids and it’s pretty easy for the grands to go a little over the top. In this case, eight feet of fluffiness over the top.

Grandpa Gonzalez works at Costco and posted a photo of himself with the famous giant teddy bears—the ones every kid wants, but no parent will actually give in and buy because they are ridiculously large. His daughter Sabrina made the mistake of joking that her daughter Madeline, five months, needs one. Apparently she didn’t know there is no joking with grandparents.

Grandpa Gonzalez immediately launched into the default mode of every proud grandparent: spoil first, be reasonable later. He bought the bear and then texted his daughter a picture of the bear getting into his truck—he must have a very large truck! After all, if his little princess wants a comically large teddy that’s bigger than a couch, then that’s exactly what she’s going to get.

Soon little Madeline was the proud owner of a ridiculous amount of fluffiness. And we’re pretty sure this sums up her feels.


Not to mention she’s the cutest little hiker to ever reach the summit of bear mountain. So beary cute! Madeline and the bear are clearly #relationshipgoals.

Photo: Courtesy of Sabrina Gonzalez via Twitter

Photo: Courtesy of Sabrina Gonzalez via Twitter

Despite how insane this gift is, you can’t blame a grandpa for wanting to spoil his grandchild? Talk about best grandpa ever!

The bear will remain nameless until little Madeline is old enough to pick her own special name. And since she’s a little too young for such a large toy, her new BFF is being safely stored in a place she’ll probably be visiting very often: Grandpa’s house.

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