Sophie Grégoire Trudeau is still breastfeeding her toddler like a boss

Sophie was a tad late for an interview because she was breastfeeding Hadrien.

Photo: Adam Scotti Photo: Adam Scotti

OK, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau you’re kind of awesome!

Our sister magazine, Chatelaine, has an exclusive interview with Sophie (read it here). But Sophie was a tad late to the interview because she was putting two-year-old Hadrien down for a nap.

“I still feed him,” she says. “I know he’s my last one; it’s a little hard to give it up.”

Yep, Sophie is breastfeeding her toddler! I am sure many moms can relate to how hard it is to stop breastfeeding—when you have a busy tot, those moments where he’s cuddled up with you are few and far between. Though I am sure many people will criticize her, too. As Sophie has learned, being in the spotlight means everything you do is scrutinized—remember nannygate?

But Sophie is up for the challenge.

Photo: Justin Trudeau via Twitter Photo: Justin Trudeau via Twitter


In the new interview, Sophie admits she is in charge of everything at home because her husband is very very busy! But she loves it. Check out this adorable clip of her talking about being a mom to Xavier, 8, and Ella-Grace, 7, and Hadrien.


This article was originally published on Mar 02, 2016

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