Good vibes only—one mom's surprising cure for baby chest congestion

Of all the home remedies to help your kids feel better, this mom's technique is a bit... unconventional—but she swears it helped her baby's chest congestion

If there’s one thing all parents have in common, it’s that they would do anything to help their sick baby feel better—even if that means experimenting with remedies that seem a little out there. One mom shared her unconventional tool to help her baby’s chest congestion that left the internet SHOOK—her vibrator! Take a look:

In her post, the mom says to lay the baby on their tummy in a steamy bathroom and place the vibrator on their back. While this does seem a little random, it’s actually more common than you might think! According to the post, hospital staff and respiratory specialists use this method in the NICU to relieve congestion and mucus in babies. However, they definitely aren’t using the NSFW model shown in the photo (could you imagine?!), but instead probably use a smaller, specialized vibrator made for that purpose.

Since it was posted, the photo has been shared over 20,000 times and the number of comments is even higher. While many people can be quick to parent-shame such an unusual method, the photo garnered plenty of positive and tolerant responses. See for yourself:

And because this is the internet, you know there were some funny comments too. Here are some of the more entertaining replies:

If you’re considering this method to help your baby feel better but using a vibrator seems a little too risqué, a regular massaging device would also get the job done. We would hope that this goes without saying, but if you do try out a vibrator the next time your baby is feeling congested, please make sure to sanitize the device first.

Just make sure to keep some extra batteries around now that you’ve found another possible use for it—who knew!

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