Does the viral trend of 'cheesing' your baby go too far?

Throwing cheese at your baby's face may seem cute and funny at first, but should we be letting strangers laugh at our kids' expense?

The internet is abound with funny videos, and recently Twitter exploded with a new viral video trend: tossing a slice of processed cheese onto your baby’s face. Yup, the internet is weird (but we knew that already).

The trend apparently started with a (now-deleted) video of Twitter user @unclehxlmes tossing cheese at his baby brother. Before it got taken down, it reportedly had over nine million views and nearly 240,000 retweets. As you can probably guess, the people of Twitter quickly took the idea and ran with it making their own versions. Take a look:

We have to admit that “cheesing” your baby and seeing their adorably shocked and confused face is pretty funny, but is it okay? Sure, it’s fairly harmless fun—plenty of young kids LOVE cheese anyway—but there is a part of us that’s thinking: “Uh, this feels a little wrong.”

Photo of Elamin Abdelmahmoud's daughter wearing a knit hat with ears I’m going to stop sharing photos of my daughter online when she turns 2It might be the very audible smacks that start to ruin these videos for us. Or maybe it’s because we feel bad for laughing at the expense of babies who had no defence against something being flung onto their adorable little faces. On top of that, there’s the whole idea of sharing embarrassing moments of your baby—who will eventually become an adult—online without their consent. (We’ve discussed this in many other pieces before).

We’re not the only ones who are thinking this way. One of our fave celeb moms and Twitter-extraordinaire Chrissy Teigen even chimed in with her own thoughts about the prank, and we think she sums it up quite nicely:

Luckily, the people of Twitter had a “Legend-dairy” response:

So, moral of the story: Don’t throw cheese at your innocent baby (no matter how much they like eating it). If you must fulfill your desire to fling processed cheese at someone, maybe try targeting your husband instead.

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