This dad's reaction to his baby's gender reveal was all kinds of awkward

Tell us how you really feel, Gordon.

Gender reveals (or rather, assigned sex reveals) are usually an exciting moment for expectant parents. But sometimes they can lead to crushing disappointment.

When the latter happens, how the parents deal with that disappointment is usually pretty entertaining. This was totally the case for Gordon Hayward, a basketball player for the Boston Celtics, whose wife posted a video of the gender reveal of their third child on her Instagram account.

kids brothers on a bed - gender disappointment I love my two boys, but I still dream of having a little girl After helping his two daughters open up a box revealing pink balloons (meaning they’re having another girl), he says, “Whoa, it’s a girl!” in a monotone voice that totally doesn’t hide how badly he wanted it to be a boy. The NBA star’s wife, Robyn Hayward, picks up on this asking, “Is daddy happy?” To which Gordon responds, “Daddy’s always happy.” Welp. The silence that follows is so awkward, you can’t help but laugh.

Take a look:

While his reaction is a little sad, and we kind of wonder why his wife went ahead and posted the clip in the first place—lots of people in the comments mention how they hope his daughter never sees this when she’s older, and we’re right there with them—Robyn obviously saw the humour in the situation.

As a professional athlete, it’s not surprising that he might want a son to play sports with (especially considering he already has two daughters), but lets get real here, it’s 2018 and girls can be just as into sports as boys can.

We’re sure that Gordon will love his new daughter when she arrives in January, and this vid will just be a cute and funny story to tell her about how her dad felt overwhelmed by the idea of another girl—at least, that’s what we’re hoping!

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