Chrissy Teigen took Luna to candy court—and it's the best thing you'll see today

Our favourite celeb mom called order in the candy court, where three-year-old Luna stood her ground to get her sweet fix.

Chrissy Teigen took Luna to candy court—and it's the best thing you'll see today

Photos: @chrissyteigen via Instagram

The life of a parent can be crazy chaotic, but on a family trip to Paris, Chrissy Teigen found some order—in the court! Yes, the hilarious host and cookbook author took her three-year-old daughter Luna to "candy court" after the little girl requested some sweet treats, and it's most definitely the best thing you'll see today.

The two-part Instagram video show Chrissy holding court as judge, asking her daughter to defend her demands for candy as her hubby John Legend looks on, thoroughly entertained. "I want the candy 'cause I want it, and I like it," says Luna quite matter-of-factly.  Fair enough.

So what's Luna willing to do for the candy? After some prompting, she agrees not only to be good, but also to not scream when she's going to sleep.

Negotiations follow, with Chrissy suggesting one piece of candy and Luna upping the stakes to three. After some back and forth, the pair settles on a compromise of two pieces. If only all toddler negotiations went this smoothly!

Chrissy and John took Luna and her one-year-old brother Miles to France over the weekend, where they were spotted at the Louvre, strolling the streets and posing for a sweet group photo before things got litigious.


It's no surprise that Chrissy's brushing up on her judging skills (in the cutest way ever!), since she's getting ready to star in Chrissy's Court, where she'll be banging the gavel in real small-claims cases. Another constant on Chrissy's feed—her mom, Vilailuck 'Pepper Thai' Teigen, who's also in France with the fam—will act as her bailiff.

Luna and Miles are fixtures on the sets of her parents' shows, from The Voice to Lip Sync Battle, so we're looking forward to some behind-the-scenes fun from the courtroom.

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