Chrissy Teigen got super honest on how money makes parenting easier

Chrissy gave Twitter the juicy deets on what it's like to be a "super huge A list celebrity" (and how it makes parenting and adulting just a bit easier).

Chrissy Teigen got super honest on how money makes parenting easier

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Of all the relatable celeb moms out there, Chrissy Teigen is definitely up there as one of our faves. We all know she's an over-sharer (which is what makes her so dang relatable, duh), so it's no surprise that when she recently did an Ask Me Anything Twitter session on what it's like to be an A-list celebrity, she gave us ALL the insider knowledge.

As you may have guessed, there are a bunch of ways being a celebrity makes parenting easier (and sometimes a bit harder), but if you ever wondered exactly how the life of a celeb mom works, here's a break down of her answers on a whole range of topics.

On travelling with kids:

Every parent knows that travelling with kids can be a nightmare. But for celebs like Chrissy, there's no hustling for the gate or waiting in airport traffic and long lines for security, all while fumbling for the snacks that have somehow shifted to the very bottom of your carry-on luggage. Nope, when you're a celeb, you and the kids get luxury treatment. Here's how they do it:


It checks out, too. Business Insider got an special look at The Private Suite at LAX, which is likely the facility Chrissy is referring to. According to BI, there's a base annual membership fee of US$4,500 to use the private terminal as well as a per-flight fee of up to $3,000. The terminal has luxury suites where celebs and their kids can hang out, eat, watch TV and relax before their flight, as well as an outdoor space where kids can run around and burn off energy.

Another travel perk of being a celeb? Nobody throws your kids shade when they're being irritating:

On childcare:

It's probably no surprise that celeb parents tend to use nannies for childcare, but it may come as a shock to some how many different nannies they use.


Yep, four nannies! Granted, they're not all there at once, but between the four of them, and Chrissy's mom, who lives at their house, Miles and Luna are definitely well taken care of. It does seem pretty wild to think that Chrissy is probably never alone with just her and the kids, and it's easy to judge. But hey, if you can afford to hire help to make parenting a bit easier, wouldn't you?

On managing the household:

For all of us common folk, the difficulty of parenting is compounded by the general difficulty of adulting (i.e. tracking finances, paying bills on time, keeping the fridge stocked). But for celebs like Chrissy, they don't really have to worry about that—or at least the day-to-day minutiae of dealing with it all.


By the way, Chrissy and John do have a mortgage to pay—they just aren't the ones who have to remember to pay it each month.

On leaving the house:

Not everything about parenting while rich and famous is easy. It's no surprise that for celebs, being out in public with your kids can be difficult. We all know they deal with paparazzi, but interacting with fans—especially when you have kids—can be tough to navigate.

It's nice to hear Chrissy is mostly okay with fans interacting with her kids—who wouldn't want to give Luna a high five? But it must be odd to have complete strangers feel like they know your family life so intimately, which Chrissy acknowledges is partly due to how open she is about their life.


While Chrissy maybe be OK with fans and most paparazzi, her daughter Luna is definitely not a fan:

That's totally fair, though. Someone hiding while creeping photos of you without your knowledge is just so unsettling, which is probably why Chrissy also said she doesn't really go out very much:


Imagine not really leaving the house unless your hair and makeup is professionally done? But it's understandable, since she has a brand to uphold when she's out in public (sharing on social media is another thing entirely). Plus, she said her house is her safe space, so why leave it?

One thing you don't think about with celebrities, though, is how they miss some of the things regular people take for granted:

Sure, she doesn't have to worry about groceries on the daily, but she does love to cook, and a lot of parents know that a solo trip to the grocery store can be very therapeutic. So it's understandable that she'd miss it. Luckily, when it comes to doing other normal things like taking the kids to school or the dentist, she doesn't have to worry too much about people being starstruck:

Other cute things:

Aside from all that, Chrissy also let slip a few cute tidbits, like how they came up with their kids' names:


What she'd probably be doing if she wasn't famous:

What she'd try to save if her house was on fire:


And how her kids feel about seeing mommy and daddy on TV:

Now, you maybe thinking, "I guess Chrissy isn't really that relatable after all." But while we may live completely different lives from her, there's a reason she's so likeable. She keeps it real through the good and the bad, and acknowledges that her privilege is mostly the result of extreme luck.


(She said we're friends!)

This article was originally published on Dec 09, 2019

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