Celeb moms confess the grossest things their kids ever did

Between the dirt, poop and boogers, kids can be pretty disgusting. (Good thing they're cute!) Watch celebs dish on the grossest things their kids have done.

Celeb moms confess the grossest things their kids ever did

Photo: TheEllenShow via YouTube

Let's face it: Kids are gross.

It's a good thing we love them unconditionally because, honestly, finding out your little one has somehow got their poop all over themselves and the bathroom walls (and the dog!) doesn't really inspire lovey-dovey feelings in most parents.

In the latest episode of her web series Momsplaining, Kristen Bell talks to some kids and moms (including celeb moms like Kim Kardashian West, Kelly Clarkson and more) about all the absolutely disgusting things that kids get themselves into. For example, one mom shared how her son found some gum under the table while her family was eating at a restaurant. After discovering the piece of gum, the kid removed it from the table and—you guessed it—proceeded to put it in his mouth and chew on it himself. BLECH.

In response to a confession about kids eating boogers, Kristen shared how she's dealing with her youngest daughter smearing her boogers all over the house (you have to see her impression of her kid—it's so cute!). Plus you gotta hear what little North West did with her toothbrush. DOUBLE BLECH.

Take a look:

While those stories were horrid and potentially gag-inducing, we wouldn't be surprised if some of you weren't even phased a bit—you're parents too, after all. So even though your kid may be "a walking petri dish full of feces and love," we all know that the latter is so much more important.

This article was originally published on Oct 09, 2018

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