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4 Ways to Stop Nose Picking That Actually Work

Some kids can't seem to quit digging for gold. Follow these steps to keep little fingers out of little noses.

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4 Ways to Stop Nose Picking That Actually Work

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It’s got a fancy name—rhinotillexis—but there’s nothing dignified about nose picking. Sure, it’s kinda cute the first time, but if you’re sick of seeing your kid hunting around up there, try these tips.

1. Scrub up

Teach her about germs, and make her wash her hands every time she picks her nose, keeping your tone very matter-of- fact. Most kids will get tired of having to schlep to the sink every time.

2. Replace the habit

If she’s always picking while watching TV or listening to a story, give her something else to do with her hands during those times. And keep tissues within reaching distance to encourage more appropriate picking.

3. Wait it out

Once she hits elementary school, her classmates will no doubt tease her for the picking, and she’ll be more motivated to finally break the habit (or at least head to a nearby bathroom stall for some privacy).

4. Offer your assistance

"Anything good up there?" you might ask as you see nose-picking happening. "Let me go get my gear to help you out." That's when you break out the Nose Frida. Generally speaking, toddlers and older kids do not like this assistance. They'll be discouraged from the habit. Just be careful not to be condescending or unkind.
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This article was originally published on Dec 16, 2016

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