Rookie dad is hilariously grossed out while changing a diaper

It's a dirty job, but someone's gotta do it. This determined dad won't let a little puke stop him from changing his baby's diaper.

As the old saying goes, if you love someone you’ll do anything for them, even puke for them. Well that may not actually be the saying, but it’s definitely what this new dad experienced when he attempted to change his daughter’s diaper.

Once he opens up the diaper to discover a fragrant poo, the poor guy can’t stop coughing, gagging and turning red. Finally the smell is so bad he actually pukes. I think some actually landed on his baby—poor kid.

But the determined dad powers through the dirty job while using a ton of baby wipes—someone needs to show him the art of folding the wipe over so you can use it multiple times.

While he does end the video by asking his daughter to stay clean till mom gets home, may we suggest he change a few more diapers before passing her back to mom? Maybe even handle a blowout! After all, practice makes perfect—and for less gagging. 

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