Bridezilla didn't get the memo that breastfeeding isn't disgusting

A bride banned breastfeeding at her wedding and the internet is MAD.

Bridezilla didn't get the memo that breastfeeding isn't disgusting

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A BUT-IT'S-MY-DAY!!! bride is getting slammed on social media after her tacky note demanding that all breastfeeding guests feed their babies on hard chairs in front of some stinky toilets has gone viral.

The note—which was included with the wedding invitation—was posted on Breastfeeding Mama Talk's Facebook page by an anonymous mom of a three month old who won't take a bottle and a two year old. Oh yeah, and she's the best man's wife. #AWKWARD

"To all our mommies who are breastfeeding," the note read, "We are sensitive to the fact you may have to breastfeed during our event, therefore we have designated an appropriate place for you to feed your baby so you do not have to do so in public in front of our Family and Friends."

No breastfeeding wedding invitation Photo: Courtesy of @bfmamatalk via Facebook

You can almost hear No-Booby-Bride shuddering sensitively with those italics, can't you? I guess her husband's best friend's wife isn't included in the Family and Friends club? Apparently the bride had had arguments with the mom in the past about her breastfeeding "ways" and the couple had often told her she should go elsewhere to do "that" in private.

"I said would just bring my littlest baby to the wedding," the mom recounts, "but no way in hell I will leave and nurse her in the bathroom (no matter how "nice" they make it!). I don't eat in the bathroom I'm not feeding my child in there! I want to be "nice" as possible but what should I do!? Help!"

Long story short, the mom ended up leaving her kids with a good friend who agreed to act as a wet nurse, but hundreds of people chimed in with their suggestions of other routes she could have taken in response to the rude request.


One woman wrote, "Have your friend come to the wedding as your date and wet nurse her out in the open. And then get plastered and ruin the wedding." while another said, "1. I don't need to be "accommodated, breastfeeding is not a disability. 2. F*** anyone who says to do it in a bathroom. That's gross. 3. Whatever halfwit moron set up this "special space" has clearly never breastfed. Hard backed chairs, no arm rests, no pillows, no foot rests, in essentially a narrow hallway where I'll constantly be trying to move my feet to let people by. I would go and feed my baby wherever I was comfortable. Say something, please."

One of our favourites was this woman's response: "Why is breastfeeding still seen as such an obscene thing to do in 2017? As my boyfriend would say "boobs are for babies, babies are for boobs." DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T LOOK! Go drink your beer in the bathroom." AMEN.

No word on if there was any fallout between the mom and bridezilla afterwards, but one thing we do know is we can't wait to see the invite to her baby shower.

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