A bridal party’s beautiful breastfeeding photo

Love, joy and friendship are captured in this lovely breastfeeding photo that a reader sent to us.

By Today's Parent
Photo: Lindsay Palmer Photography Photo: Lindsay Palmer Photography.

How stunning is this breastfeeding photo? TP reader Jamie Riddell, the bride-to-be in the photo above, sent us this image from her wedding day.

Before getting dressed for the ceremony, Jamie, her maid of honour and her two bridesmaids shared a special moment as they nursed their little ones. "This is a memory I will cherish forever,” says Jamie. "The love I have for these women and their children is so immense, and to have shared a moment in time like this together was so special.”

We're all struck by the simple beauty this photo captures, and knowing what it means to Jamie makes it even more lovely.

Thanks for sharing this moment with us, Jamie!

This article was originally published on Jul 21, 2015

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