Best babysitter ever dresses up like a mermaid to surprise three-year-old

Mermaids have more fun.

Best babysitter ever dresses up like a mermaid to surprise three-year-old

Photo: @selftltledtyler via Twitter

Becoming a “cool” babysitter in the eyes of kids normally only takes being lenient when it comes junk food, bedtime and video games. (Or once, in my own experience, letting a kid I was looking after to eat an entire bowl of ketchup. What? He refused to eat anything else!)

However, 15-year-old Keegan Carnahan from Florida trumped babysitters everywhere when she surprised 3-year-old Alidy last week, turning bath time into a mermaid party.

While dressed as creatures of the sea, Carnahan’s friend texted her asking what she was up to, and she responded “babysitting” with an accompanying photo of herself wearing a tail. She also snapped a few photos of the girls’ mermaid charade and later tweeted about it, which has since gone viral.

Ever since Alidy’s dad passed away in November, she has been wearing her mermaid costume every day, said Alidy’s mother, Jenna Haslam, to BuzzFeed News.

So when Alidy had been wearing her mermaid costume around the house all day, Carnaham said she thought it would be a fun surprise to bring out her own mermaid tail for bath time. “I got (the tail) when I was 12 and was going through a phase," she said.


Haslam told BuzzFeed News that Alidy is now convinced that Keegan is a real mermaid, and that Alidy now wants pink “mermaid hair” too.

We totally understand their mermaid obsession and can’t wait to see the two upcoming The Little Mermaid movies, too. We also love awesome babysitters who go above and beyond for the kids they care about.

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