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Your most embarrassing babysitter moments

Today's Parent readers share true tales of awkward situations with their babysitters.

By Today's Parent
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Have you ever encountered an awkward situation with your babysitter? Today's Parent readers share their most embarrassing moments.

“When she folded my underwear.”

“Discovering that my child had peed on her when he was sitting on her lap.”

“I found our sitter in our bedroom trying on my heels. Also, our sitter is male.”

"She demanded more money from us because she had to change two poopy diapers. Needless to say, that was her last time sitting for us."


“One sitter let our kids open toys I had hidden in our storage room for my nieces’ and nephews’ Christmas presents.”

“When a babysitter texted me, but thought she was texting a friend. It gave me a very different impression of her than the one I had!”

“When she clogged our toilet.”

“We caught our babysitter stealing my clothes. And underwear. Ewww.”

“Having the babysitter come over and my 3 year old immediately telling her that ‘mommy doesn’t have a penis!’”


“My husband’s coworker’s son babysat for us. We told him it was OK to use the computer after the kids went to bed, but perhaps we should have set a few rules, as it turns out he was surfing porn sites! My husband had to have an awkward talk with his workmate about why we didn’t need his kid to babysit anymore.”

This article was originally published on Mar 06, 2016

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