Baby Archie looks so cute in this birthday tribute to Prince Charles

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry just shared a never-before-seen picture of Baby Archie and Prince Charles and it's adorable!

By Kevin John Siazon

Baby Archie looks so cute in this birthday tribute to Prince Charles

Photo: @sussexroyal via Instagram

Today is Prince Charles's 71st birthday, and in honour of the special occasion, we all get a special gift—a new look at royal baby Archie Harrison from when he was just a wee babe at his royal christening back in July. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shared this never-been-seen photo on their official Instagram page as a tribute to the Prince of Wales, showing their little one looking over at his grandfather with the sweetest pensive expression on his face.

Take a look:

If you'll remember, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex only released two images from the private royal christening they held for baby Archie on July 6. And while we've been getting a few small glimpses of the little one's growth throughout the last four months (like his two teeth! And his cute ginger-y hair! And that he's starting to crawl!), it's nice to see this throwback to that special day. This photo is especially sweet since it's the only photo they've released of the three of them together.

Prince Harry and Meghan are also confirmed to be flying to the U.S. for the upcoming holiday season to spend Archie's first Christmas with Meghan's mother, instead of staying in the U.K. with the Royal Family.

While this may seem a bit scandalous, according to Hello! Canada, it falls in line with a precedent previously set by other Royal Family members. (Back in 2016, Prince William and Kate Middleton skipped the Royal Family get-together during Princess Charlotte's second Christmas and instead spent it with Kate's parents.) The Queen is said to be in support of the decision as well.

We hope they enjoy their "extended family time" away, but hopefully they share some new pictures of Archie while they're stateside. Wouldn't it be adorable to see the whole fam in matching Christmas PJs—or at least a cute "Baby's First Christmas" holiday outfit for Archie?

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