Amy Schumer had the best comeback when asked how she'd cope if her son has autism

"I’d be disappointed if he liked the Big Bang Theory and Nascar, not if he has ASD."

Amy Schumer had the best comeback when asked how she'd cope if her son has autism

Photo: @amyschumer via Instagram

Sorry internet, Amy Schumer doesn’t have time for haters—she's too busy living life to the fullest with her hubby, Chris Fischer, and their three-month-old son. But that's not to say she won't clap back when she has to—and that's exactly what the 38-year-old comedian did when a probing fan asked an inappropriate question under this cute pic of little Gene Attell Fischer at the beach.

Amy is often quite open when it comes to her private life, and she captioned the sweet photo, which she posted to Instagram on Sunday, with a question to her followers.  “Would anyone be interested in seeing a docu series of my pregnancy and birth?”

Before we go on, take a good look at Gene's adorable face (we can't stop!):

While many on Instagram were super excited and supportive of Amy’s idea, others were quick to shut it down. One user even went so far as to suggest that Amy instead release a documentary about the discovery of her husband’s autism diagnosis and how she copes with the possibility that baby Gene could also have autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Amy soon caught wind of the comment and wasn’t having it. Like always, she was quick to call the person out in her typical fashion with lots of sarcasm and humour—and we totally applaud her for that!

“How I cope? I don’t see being on the spectrum as a negative thing. My husband is my favorite person I’ve ever met. He’s kind, hilarious, interesting and talented and I admire him," she wrote in response. "Am I supposed to hope my son isn’t like that? I will pay attention and try and provide him with the tools he needs to overcome whatever challenges come up like all parents. I’d be disappointed if he liked the Big Bang theory and Nascar not if he has ASD.”


Her crafty reply merited a wave of supporters who came to her side, many of whom shared their own personal connections with autism.

Back in March, Amy spoke out about her husband’s diagnosis of ASD on her Netflix special Amy Schumer: Growing. During the stand-up performance, she revealed that Fischer was diagnosed while they were dating. “Once he was diagnosed, it dawned on me how funny it was because all of the characteristics that make it clear that he’s on the spectrum are all of the reasons I fell madly in love with him,” she says—and we were swooning!

Amy is one of many celebs, including Nikki Reed, Holly Robinson Peete and Jacquelyn Jablonski, who are actively spreading awareness about autism and encouraging the message that being on the spectrum should not be seen as a life-altering disability but instead can be empowering.

So keep up the good work, Amy! We'll be over here letting baby Gene stare right into our souls.

This article was originally published on Aug 12, 2019

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