This pregnant woman was all of us when an aggressive 'grandma' threw out her coffee

If you know what it's like to live for that one sweet cup of coffee a day, you'll understand exactly why this woman's wild post on Reddit went viral.

This pregnant woman was all of us when an aggressive 'grandma' threw out her coffee

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Pregnancy and opinion go hand in hand. Whether you take a sip of wine, sample a bit of soft cheese or relax in a hot bath, everybody and their mother will have something to say about it—which can be hard to handle when you're dealing with heartburn, swollen feet and sleepless nights (not to mention raging hormones). So if one of your few comforts is your daily dose of caffeine, there's no judgment here!

But, sadly, there is judgment elsewhere. A mom-to-be went viral on the BeyondtheBump subreddit after a mom-shaming moment left her in utter disbelief. The pregnant woman, who goes by the Reddit handle CountingRavens, titled her post: "Random woman literally took away my coffee? Is this grounds for murder?"

She went on to explain that at 36 weeks pregnant, she's "Huge. Massive. Uncomfortable. Tired and grumpy," and was simply waiting for her order, a grande cold brew, at her local café. When the barista called her name, she went to grab her coffee when an elderly woman, whom she affectionately (OK, maybe passively aggressively) refers to as "grandma," tried to come between the mom-to-be and her coffee.

"You can't have that, you're pregnant!," the woman shouted. CountingRavens attempted to explain that one cup is fine, but after shouting at her again, the 'grandma' literally grabbed her full bevy and dropped it in the trash. 

The barista, whose jaw was on the floor at this point, kindly offered to make her another drink as the expectant mom tried to explain that her doctor approved one cup a day. "Please leave me alone," she begged her newfound nemesis. "I'm tired, and want my coffee. I get one cup a day, this is it. Please go away."

Then in a tone she refers to as "banshee screaming," the coffee-snatcher launched into another rant, shouting, "No, you can't have it, you're pregnant, it will make you have the baby now! You can't do it, I won't let my daughter do it either but she drinks it anyway and if I can't save her I'll save you instead." Wow. 

In an attempt to help, the barista tried handing the woman's second drink to her directly, but "grandma" tried to grab it once again. Can you imagine? Anyone who thinks they can get between a tired, pregnant woman and her limited daily caffeine is in for a rude awakening. The pregnant mom lost it at this point and shouted, "Please leave me alone. You're making me uncomfortable and I don't want you this close!" (Frankly we're surprised she even managed to say please at this point.)

At long last, uninvited guardian of her baby's wellbeing left her alone. 


Read the entire recap below:

The post went viral, racking up more than 2,000 points and nearly 400 comments, with the majority taking the mother-to-be's side and poking fun at "grandma."

"OMG I tried EVERYTHING to induce labor with my daughter," keratadikatse wrote jokingly. "8 days late and here I was eating pineapple cores and walking for hours. If only I knew all I had to do was drink a cup of coffee."

And as for the naysayers, a thoroughly fed up CountingRavens had some words for them, too: "for the couple of you who are suggesting that this is a false story, bite me," she said at the top of the post.


And "for those of you who are making the same comment about not being allowed to have coffee because I'm pregnant," she continued, "bite me."

Now, maybe the old lady's heart was in the right place. Maybe her OB, years ago, told her that caffeine could hurt her baby or induce premature labour. But times have changed, grandma. And it's never OK to treat a person like that.

This article was originally published on Apr 15, 2019

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