This mom shared a gorgeous birth photo—and then got shamed for the worst reason

We think this post-birth family photo is so intimate and beautiful, but apparently people on the internet saw something different

By Kevin John Siazon

This mom shared a gorgeous birth photo—and then got shamed for the worst reason

Photo: Constance Hall via Facebook

Who doesn't love a good birth photo?

Giving birth is frenzy of activity fuelled by adrenaline and excitement, and photos of those moments are great. However, right after birth (and before the new frenzy that is newborn care), there's this blissful calm that settles into the room, and those intimate shots are the ones that can take your breath away.

Mommy blogger Constance Hall gave birth to her son Raja a couple weeks back, and this week she shared one of her favourite photos from Raja's birth on Facebook. It captures that stillness so perfectly. Take a look:

We think this pic is so casual and beautiful, but people on the internet love to hate, so obviously they found something about it that they didn't like. What is it, you ask?

It's the fact that Constance is on her phone and drinking a soft drink instead of taking care of her child. Ugh, when will the mommy shaming end?

People in comments attacked her for her supposedly poor parenting, saying things like, "Obviously googling parental advice," and a sarcastic "It's important to check your phone." Slamming her for this picture is so silly—a mom deserves some me-time after spending who knows how long trying to push that baby out (not to mention the nine months of pregnancy AND the many sleepless nights that are still to come).

You gotta take that me-time whenever you can get it. Plus, Hall runs her own company and has stuff that needs to get done. Luckily, her fans came and backed her up for her choices, sharing their own favourite photos from the births of their children. We personally love this mom, who got a family box of McDonalds all to herself after she gave birth because "one family box is ruined, so I had to get another" (yep, she's talking about her vagina).

Constance, being the queen mom she is, obviously had something to say about the haters, and we couldn't agree more. Take a look at her response:

We all shouldn't have to keep saying this, but when it comes to other moms parenting their own kids, it "ain't your f*cking problem." So keep slaying that parenting game, mamma, and congrats on adding a new little one to your family.

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