17 cute kids' books about adoption

These kids' books about adoption show how families can be made in all kinds of ways.

By Chidera Ukairo

17 cute kids' books about adoption

17 cute kids books about adoption

Wolfie the Bunny

Written by Ame Dyckman and illustrated by Zachariah, Hachette Book Group Canada.

Laugh out loud at this story of a family of bunnies that adopts a wolf. Their daughter, Dot, is convinced he’s going to eat them all up. A sweet tale of bravery, unconditional love and sibling rivalry. $19,

17 cute kids' books about adoption

My Family, My Journey

Written by Zoe Francesca and Illustrated by Susie Ghahremani, Chronicle Books.

This keepsake album is a great way for adoptive families to build a collection of memories with their new arrival. You can customize a family tree with over 60 stickers, and store important documents and memorabilia. $

17 cute kids' books about adoption

Sweetpea & Friends: The Sheepover

Written by John Churchman and Jennifer, Hachette Book Group Canada.

Meet Sweet Pea, the most adorable orphan lamb! Sweet Pea becomes sick one cold night and everyone is so worried about her. Farmer John, Laddie the sheepdog, and Dr. Alison the veterinarian take good care of her. After she recovers, she gets to celebrate with a fun “SheepOver.” $21,


17 cute kids' books about adoption

I Wished For You

Written by Marianne Richmond, Chronicle Books.

Join in on this sweet conversation between a little bear named Barley and his Mama. Barley asks Mama the types of questions a lot of adopted children have about how they became a family, and she answers them all. $22,

17 cute kids' books about adoption

Dragons Extraordinary Egg

Written by Debi Gliori, Bloomsbury and Walker Books for Young Readers.

This heartwarming story of dragon who finds an abandoned penguin egg proves that some things in life happen for a special reason and some families are just meant to be together. $19,

17 cute kids' books about adoption

How I Was Adopted

Written by Joanna Cole and illustrated by Maxie Chambliss, HarperCollins.

Sam has a joyful story to share about how she was adopted. When she's done telling her story, she invites readers to tell theirs, too. $9,

17 cute kids' books about adoption


Written by Julie Pearson, illustrated by Manon Gauthier and translated by Erin Woods, Pajama Press.

When Elliot cries, yells or even misbehaves, his parents don’t understand why. A social worker named Thomas arrives, and Elliot’s world is changed forever. Join Elliot as he's guided through the foster system in search of a forever home. $19,

17 cute kids' books about adoption

My New Mom and Me

Written by Renata Galindo, Penguin Random House.

A sweet story of adoption, acceptance and diversity told through the eyes of a puppy adopted by a loving cat. $22, 

17 cute kids' books about adoption

Duck, Duck, Dinosaur

Written by Kallie George and ilustrated by Oriol Vidal, HapperCollins.

Meet Feather the duck, Flap the duck, and Spike the dinosaur, three unlikely siblings who have the most fun when they're together. $20,

17 cute kids' books about adoption

Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born

Written by Jamie Lee and illustrated by Laura Cornell, Harpertrophy.

An exuberant story about a girl who loves to hear about how her parents adopted her and what it felt like to hold her for the first time. $11, 

17 cute kids' books about adoption


Written and illustrated by Francois Thisdale, Penguin Random House.

Nini was yet to be born when she heard her mother's voice promising her a loving home. But once she was born, caregivers in an orphanage replaced that voice. Then, one day, a man and a woman learn they will finally have a baby to love. When Nini and her new parents meet, Nini knows that the promises her mother made have come true. $18, 

17 cute kids' books about adoption

Over the Moon

Written and Illustrated by Karen Katz, Square Fish.

A magical, reassuring story about international adoption, told in words and pictures that are perfect for the youngest child. $10, 

17 cute kids' books about adoption

a Mother for Choco

Written by Keiko Kasza, Penguin Young Readers Group.

Family is about love no matter how different parents and children may be. Join Choco on his quest to find his mother as he discovers that families can come in all shapes and sizes. $

17 cute kids' books about adoption

Ten Days Nine Nights

Written and Illustrated by Yumi Heo, Random House Children’s Books.

How long until a little girl’s adopted sibling is brought home? Follow her family as they prepare for the new baby, and watch the girl’s mother fly off to Korea and bring her home. $

17 cute kids' books about adoption

The Red Thread

Written and illustrated by Grace Lin, Albert Whitman & Company.

There’s an old Chinese belief that an unbreakable red thread connects people who are destined to be together. Read as a king and queen follow their red thread all the way to their new baby. $27,

17 cute kids' books about adoption


Written and Illustrated by Matthew Cordell, Disney-Hyperion.

When an elephant couple start a life together, thoughts of children are far away. But when their desire for a child begins to grow, so does their list of unexpected challenges. It's only after many disappointments that their dearest wish comes true. $18,

17 cute kids' books about adoption

Emma's Story

Written by Deborah Hodge and illustrated by Song Nan Zhang, Tundra Books.

Emma decides to make a cookie family, but soon discovers that with her licorice hair and eyes, she looks nothing like the rest of her family. A story about a Canadian family's long journey across the world to meet their new baby and bring her home. $23,

17 cute kids' books about adoption

This article was originally published on Mar 21, 2016