The blowout photo every parent can relate to

Parenthood is hard and sh*t just got real.

Photo: Facebook via Story of This Life

Photo: Facebook via Story of This Life

Babies are cuddly and cute but let’s face it, they’re not always picture-perfect. (Despite what those adorable Instagram photos would have you think.) Sometimes they’re sticky, slimy and really, really, really gross.

While most parents don’t tend to share the unglamorous side, one mom’s photo perfectly captures the rawness of new parenthood: the dreaded and disgusting diaper blowout. Sh*t literally just got real.

Mom blogger Esther Anderson shared the photo on her “Story of This Life” Facebook page. It features the proud mama holding her poop stained baby—and working her poop-stained shorts. She captioned the photo: “Second blowout of the day, and let me tell you … this one wasn’t nearly as bad as this morning’s. Let’s just say Ellia might go back into her Pull-Ups for tonight.”

We feel for you, Esther. But we’re glad you can find the humour in life’s gross bits. After all, parenthood is all about embracing the perfectly imperfect moments you spend together—leaky diapers, poop stains, toxic piles of laundry and all!

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