Your best laundry tips and tricks

Turn this chore into a simple, fun (for the kids) task with these smart laundry tips and tricks from our readers.

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Between the spit up and the nighttime accidents, the grass stains and the spills during dinnertime, it's really hard to stay on top of the seemingly endless stream of laundry. So we asked you how you make quick and easy work of this often dreaded chore. Here are some of the awesome ways moms are saving time and having fun with their kids as they tackle the laundry pile.

“Involve the kids when they’re young. It may take longer, but you’re preparing them for larger tasks while teaching responsibility.” —Lindsay Siple

“I use Sunlight bar soap. Haven’t met a poop stain I can’t get out of my little one's clothes (he’s only four months). Just wet, lather then wash. Amazing!” —Adele Levesque

“Vinegar in the wash gets rid of stinky sports or dance clothes’ smell. Dawn dish soap works great on stains.” —Sarah Cooke

“Start the washer when you’re going to bed, then load the dryer when you wake up.” —Karen Robinson

“We live in an apartment with a laundry room. I get the kids to sort clothes by colours and get my little one to come help me carry the bags (he’s a tough guy) to the laundry room. The kids race to see who can fill and start their washers first. Whoever wins picks the show they’ll watch during laundry, and whoever empties the dryer fastest gets a candy. Yes, it's a lot of bribing, but my life has become much easier.” —Catherine Dezainde


“I use a lot of vinegar and Borax. Both are great for disinfecting and removing smells. Also, vinegar in the rinse cycle sets colours and is a fabric softener.” —Tammy L. Masters

“Whenever the front load washer starts to get the musty smell, I run a load of dish towels or towels on the sanitize cycle with ½ cup of vinegar. The towels come out extra clean and the musty smell is gone!” —Kristin Eitzenberger

“I get my son to help with putting the clothes away. He likes to be the delivery guy who takes the piles of folded laundry to their respective homes.” —Meran Currie-Roberts

Do you have another laundry hack? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

This article was originally published on Jun 29, 2016

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