Prince George: New (adorable) photo

Too cute for words! Kensington Palace has released a new photo of adorable eight-month old Prince George, his parents and the royal dog, Lupo.

Photo: Photo: Jason Bell/Camera Press/Getty Images

There's just too much cuteness in this photo—Prince George is adorable!

Yes, it's the latest photo of eight-month-old Prince George with Mom and Dad—the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge—and their amazing Spaniel, Lupo.

The photo was taken by Jason Bell (who took the official christening photos back in October) last month at the royal family's London abode, Kensington Palace. Interesting that they've released it just before they leave for their highly anticipated tour of New Zealand and Australia, next week.

In the photo, George looks lovingly into Lupo's eyes. And (bygones, I'm a dog lover), Lupo looks lovingly into George's eyes.

It's no wonder the royal family shared this photo: It's ridiculously cute. Say it with me, "Oy!"


The Duchess, Kate Middleton, is wearing a long-sleeve Temperley silk and cotton top with her signature perfect brown locks falling naturally over the shoulder—gorj. And, just as fashionable as Mom, Prince George is wearing a sweet baby-blue sweater that says "George" across the front.

Cute, huh?! Who do you think George looks like? (I say he looks just like Mom!)

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This article was originally published on Mar 31, 2014

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