Prince George meets Barack a monogrammed robe

This is what you wear to meet the President of the United States when you're two years old.

Photo: Kensington Palace via Twitter Photo: Kensington Palace via Twitter

I am DYING over these photos. That is little Prince George meeting President Barack Obama. George doesn't look impressed by all these adults.

Barack and Michelle are in the UK and stopped by Kensington Palace for a private dinner with Prince William, Kate and Prince Harry. And they got to meet Prince George, who gave them a formal handshake—what a good future king.

Cgq_o4oW4AAw_LT Photo: Kensington Palace via Twitter

George thanked the Obamas for the rocking horse they sent him when he was born.

I think the best part of these photos is George's outfit. That's a monogrammed robe on top of gingham pyjamas and matching slippers. George is such a little gentleman.

George stayed up late to greet the Obamas, but Princess Charlotte seems to already be asleep.

Cgq_YtLXEAAAXR6 Photo: Kensington Palace via Twitter

In case you're wondering, Kate is wearing a gorgeous L.K. Bennett dress. And she looks to be telling George that he has to go to bed—or that he can't rock so hard in front of the President of the United States.

This article was originally published on Apr 22, 2016

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