I'm worried about the pink—six brothers talk about their new baby sister

This little girl is in for a lifetime of love from six brothers who can't wait to be her protectors. But they do have a few concerns about this sister business.

In late August, little Ruby finally broke the Lair family’s all-boy streak. Cher and Stephen have six boys and were delighted to finally have a baby girl.

In an adorable video, the parents asked each son to talk about what having a little sister will be like. The boys, ages two to 13, had such sweet things to say, as well as lots of cuddles and kisses to give (so much cuteness at 1:55!). They’re a little bit nervous about all the pink—and they’re just shocked at how cute she is.

While they’re all excited and can’t wait for this new experience, Ruby’s future boyfriends better beware! As one big brother put it, Ruby can tell potential suitors, “To have me, you have to go through them.” Now that’s some serious brotherly love!

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