1st kid vs. 3rd kid: What drop-off at the grandparents is like

Please only wear pastels around the baby.

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Bunmi Laditan, aka The Honest Toddler, is one of our fave parents on social media. And she just posted a hilarious video of what it's like when you drop your first kid off at the grandparents vs. the third.

Watch the video here

With the first baby, Bunmi is an overprotective mom giving very detailed descriptions of every single thing about her baby.

She went a wee bit overboard.

“I know it’s just 24 hours but I packed 14 changes of clothes," she says. "I have her bottle, her bouncy ball, her storybook, six stuffed animals, her blanket. Oh and I did actually just go ahead and pack the crib. It’s in the car, we’ll just assemble it. It’ll only take a minute.”

Oh, and baby likes pastels so only wear pastels around her. It's soothing.


By the time it’s her third child going off to see Grandma and Grandpa, she gives a short heads up. “FYI all he’s had to eat today are chocolate chips so you might want to feed him, I don’t know, you do you."

And then there's a very quick goodbye because mama needs some Netflix and chardonnay.

Best! Can you relate?

This article was originally published on May 06, 2016

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