When should a baby start teething?

Don’t worry if your baby hasn’t started teething when others her age have. Dr. Dina explains the normal range for sprouting those first teeth.

My 10-month-old hasn’t started teething yet. Should I be worried?
Not at all. Teething is a very individual process. Some kids start sprouting teeth at four months and some not till 18 months!  Most kids will get their first tooth, typically a bottom central incisor, around six months.

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The bottom front teeth are typically followed by the top two front ones and then the lateral incisors, which surround them. The molars come next, and the canines are last. The whole process is usually done by age two. For some kids, teething comes with tons of pain, while others are unscathed.

Luckily for you, later teething is easier, because older kids can better express that they are in pain, which helps you figure out how to help make your child more comfortable.

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