11 awesome teething products

Consoling a cranky, teething baby can be tough. Nobody's sleeping and everyone's irritable (and covered in drool). Here are 11 products that can help.

Consoling a teething baby can be tough (and with 20 primary teeth in total that need to come in eventually, the process can feel endless, too!). Unfortunately, there’s very little you can do for your cranky little one, aside from providing lots of extra cuddles and comfort, and giving an age-appropriate dose of baby ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Amber teething necklaces are more of a safety risk than a solution, and teething gels are not recommended by experts. (In fact, the US recently banned the sale of certain homeopathic gels and remedies, too.) But there are plenty of cute, fun teething toys and rings that can help your infant safely chew her way through this frustrating, drool-soaked phase. Here are 11 awesome teething products. Chomp away!

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