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9 simple first birthday party ideas

Congratulations—your baby is turning one! Don't lose your mind throwing the perfect first birthday party—just pick a theme and keep it simple. Here are some approaches we love.

9 simple first birthday party ideas

easy first birthday party ideas –

Fruit party

Does your tot have a favourite food? Why not theme his party around that? We used pineapples here, but watermelon, doughnuts or other foods could take on a fun theme. Easy-peasy. Get the instructions here

pineapple party with pineapple-shaped party hats and treatsPhoto: Tony Lanz

Winter wonderland party

Paper snowflakes (including easy how-to instructions!), coffee filters and cotton balls all come together to create an easy DIY fete. Find more photos and full instructions here.

baby in a highchair eating a whole cake with winter-themed party decor in the backgroundPhoto: Tony Lanz


Book party

Who doesn’t love storytime? The theme of this party is books and you can make it as simple or elaborate as you like. Read a few stories to wee guests and hold a book swap instead of hanging out a loot bag. Get more inspiration here.

table with book-shaped sandwiches, a book swap box and literature quotes

Balloon bash

Keep things bright and colourful with a balloon party. Source balloon-patterned plates and napkins and fill your party space with several bunches of helium-filled balloons. (Babies especially love shiny mylar ones.) Many cake shops will have teeny balloon cake toppers, too. Distribute a balloon to each kid as take-home loot. Get more balloon ideas here.

mom, dad and baby outside with balloons and bubblesPhoto: iStockphoto

Sprinkle with fun

Here is our easiest theme—sprinkles! A boxed white cake gets a quick and cute makeover thanks to a number one-shaped cookie cutter. Make a big cake for everyone and a little one for your babe to Hulk-smash. Cut large circles out of coloured cardstock and affix them to the walls for giant polka-dot sprinkles. Voilà! Get the recipe at Kristine’s Kitchen

vanilla cakes with number one outline and sprinklesPhoto: Kristine's Kitchen via Pinterest


All-star party

Let your little one shine on her special day with a simple twinkle-themed party. The super-easy, star-shaped sandwiches? Genius. (Just use a cookie cutter.) The party in the photo is lovely, but you can create an equally pretty fête with minimal effort—procure some star-shaped garland, add a bit of glitter and you’re done.  Get more ideas from Popsugar

9 simple first birthday party ideasPhoto: Popsugar via Pinterest

Mad for Muppets

A Sesame Street party will be a big hit with your pint-sized partiers. How awesome is this Cookie Monster popcorn? Snoop around on the internet for Elmo fruit tray ideas. It’s so simple, you got this! Get the instructions at

bowl of blue popcorn that looks like cookie monsterPhoto: via Pinterest

Bubble trouble

If your child squeals at the sight of suds and a bubble wand, then this party is for you. Choose round snacks (bubble-shaped!) and set up a fun activity station complete with bubble wrap for popping and stomping. Send wee guests home with their very own bottle of bubbles. Get more ideas at Catch My Party

table of round foods and bowls of bubble gumPhoto: Catch My Party


Into the woods

Celebrate your little critter’s first year with a woodsy affair. We love the idea of repurposing animal stuffies as decor. Get everyone into the lumberjack theme by asking attendees to wear their best plaid flannel to the party. Tip: Little Debbie Swiss Rolls are the perfect forest-inspired treat, no baking required! Get more ideas at 

hedgehogs made from donut holes and sprinklesPhoto:

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This article was originally published on Feb 19, 2017

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