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How to throw a pineapple party

Bring a taste of the tropics to your winter fete with this sweet and sunny fruit.


It might be cold outside, but this celebration is sure to get everyone feelin’ hot, hot, hot! Little partygoers will be blissed out on thoughts of basking in the sunshine with juicy pineapple slices in hand.

Start by sending invitations asking your guests to come dressed in green and yellow. Next, pay a visit to your local craft store to pick up some wooden crates and imitation palm leaves to decorate your snack table. On the big day, set up an art corner where your guests can make their fruity party hats to match their outfits. In another corner of the room, arrange brightly coloured hula hoops for a spin off. The guest who keeps their hoop rotating the longest wins an extra treat for their goodie bag.

After your teeny tropical fruits have hula hooped to their hearts’ content, they’re going to want some grub. You can’t go wrong with kid-friendly Hawaiian pizza—set out all the ingredients and let guests assemble their own. For a healthy bevvy that’s sure to have them asking for seconds, blend fresh pineapple, coconut milk, lemon yogurt, a little brown sugar and crushed ice to make chilled virgin pina coladas. And for dessert, serve up chocolate-drizzled pineapple pops. Sounds like paradise.


How to make a pineapple party hat:


1. You’ll need our Pineapple Party Hat template, white card stock, green tissue paper, yellow tape, elastic string, double-sided tape and scissors.


2. Cut card stock according to template, then roll it to form a cone and use double-sided tape to fasten. Cut a piece of elastic string long enough to fit under a guest’s chin and tape ends opposite each other inside the cone.


3. Create tissue-paper fringe by making parallel cuts ½ centimetre apart, leaving the opposite edge intact. Roll and stick the intact end into the top of the cone, securing with tape. Cut triangles from yellow tape and stick to cone.






Mr. Golden Sun

Pick up a pineapple from your local grocery store and some yellow and green spray paint from a craft store. Spray the leaves green and the fruit yellow. Once the paint has dried, set a pair of colourful sunnies on it.


Sweet wall decal

Cut triangles out of yellow bristol board and pointy leaves out of green bristol board. Use double-sided tape to affix shapes on a wall to create a pineapple.

Potted plants

Paint small clay pots white. Cut out triangles from yellow tape and place on pots. Plant a mini cactus in each pot.



This adorable goodie bag is a fun takeaway for your little guests. Download and print our template with instruc­tions to make this party favour, and fill it up with fruity sweets!



Click for our Pineapple Pops recipe and our free pineapple party hat and goodie bag printables.

This article was originally published on May 19, 2015

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