Your baby: 3 weeks old

Why your baby is crying, how to breastfeed without pain and whether now is the time to introduce a pacifier. Learn all about your 3-week-old.
Photo: iStockphoto

Photo: iStockphoto

Getting to know you
You’ve had a couple of weeks to get to know each other, but your baby may still feel like a mystery you’re trying to unravel. As a new parent, you’ll spend a fair bit of time pondering the question “Why is she crying?” So much is trial and error at this point, but over time and with careful observation, you’ll begin to decipher baby’s cues and meet her needs more easily. Your baby has a lot to tell you—here’s how to listen.

Better breastfeeding
Ouch! Some nursing moms assume that sore nipples are an inevitable part of the breastfeeding experience, but pain is a sign that something isn’t right — learn the common causes and solutions. Plus, here’s how to find the right breastfeeding position for you.

Advice for rookie dads
Of course dads take on their share of baby care these days, but it’s not always easy for men to take the plunge. Moms get a head start from pregnancy and childbirth, and lots of early experience. Often a father’s love grows gradually, as he spends time caring for, and getting to know, this new little being. Don’t miss our rookie dad’s guide to newborns, and tips for how Dad can dive in to baby care.

The binkie: yea or nay?
Are you worried about introducing a pacifier to your baby, or has it already become your new BFF? Learn the do’s and don’ts with our pacifier primer.

Baby care 101: the uncircumcised penis
Your baby’s uncircumcised penis doesn’t require any special care. All you need to do is wash it with soap and water just like the rest of his body. Do not try to retract the foreskin or clean underneath it, as this may be harmful. The foreskin will gradually loosen and become retractable, often within two or three years, but sometimes not until puberty. At that time you can teach your child to retract it and wash the area underneath.

Tips from the trenches
“If you live in a multi-level house, put a small baby changing station, with changing pad, diapers, wipes, creams, on each level of your house so you don’t need to go up and down each time your baby needs a diaper change.” — Alex, mom of two.

Your amazing newborn
From gripping your finger to remembering a lullaby you sang to her in the womb, babies are born with some remarkable abilities. Here are 10 to marvel at.

Did you know?
Nature seems to have hard-wired a newborn’s brain to focus on her mother’s face; newborns can best see objects that are eight to 14 inches away—the distance between their eyes and mom’s face when they’re feeding. Learn more about what your newborn sees.

Originally published on Oct. 20, 2011.

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