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Witching hour: 3 tricks for calming your crying baby

Your newborn won't stop crying? Late afternoon and early evening can be especially tough—for both you and your baby. Here are three things you can try.

“Witching hour” is a bit of a misnomer: that torturous time of day when your kid fusses inconsolably tends to last longer than 60 minutes (and feels like an eternity). Thankfully, this nerve-shredding phase usually tapers off by six months.

1. Rule out the usual suspects, then repeat.
Is she hungry? Wet? Bored? Overstimulated? Try feeding her, changing her diaper, dancing or gently rocking her. You might hit on the magical solution. (And you’ll keep yourself busy.) Psst, you may want to read this article about 9 reasons why your baby is crying.

2. Change up the scenery.
Distraction can sometimes do the trick. Put him in a stroller and head out for a walk, or give him a warm bath. As white noise can be soothing, try running the range hood fan.

3. If all else fails, keep baby close.
Carrying her when she’s quiet can keep her calm and even prevent a meltdown. If that doesn’t work, pass her to another caregiver—babies respond to a change of smell.

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