Royal baby countdown: Camping out while awaiting news

The royal baby countdown is on! What to do with ourselves while we await the big news?

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I had planned not to work at all over the weekend. But friends of mine (who just might be more obsessed with celebrity gossip than I am) texted, emailed and Facebooked me that Jessica Simpson had her baby, Sunday. I was in the car with my family on the way home from my parents' cottage when the messages came pouring in -- so posting this news had to wait at least an hour or so, by the time we got home and got the kids settled and prepped for their first day of camp the next day. My hubby's pretty good about letting me escape to write such hugely important news while he tends to the kids, but we had a lot to do.

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But what if it were the Duchess? What if suddenly Kate Middleton gave birth. The bulletin gets mounted in front of Buckingham palace, shots are firing, bells are ringing, Twitter is going insane -- and I'm, well, kayaking in cottage country, Ontario, or I'm walking my dog to some random Songza playlist, or I'm playing Twister with the kids, phone face down. Should I just not have my phone face down until the Duchess gives birth? Should I not kayak beyond a point where I can see my mom and sister frantically waving their arms for me to come in IT'S HERE?

Is there some sort of alert, some push notification, that will tell me the moment the next monarch has been born?

Hmmm..., they need an app for that.

I know it's just the next monarch.... But this is huge. This is big-time history, tradition -- centuries of it. And in our high-tech, high-entertainment world, we don't get to experience such momentous historical landmarks like this every day. Not at all.


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Of course, I'm not the only one waiting by my iPhone for the news. The world's media is in position in front of St. Mary's hospital, in London, where the Duchess plans to have a natural birth. Here they are starting to pour in....


Some of them will be camping out for days -- worse than a Harry Potter movie, or Justin Bieber.... We've never seen anything like this.

I can't promise you I'll bring you the news the moment the bells toll. But I will try! I am camping out.... Are you? Leave a comment or tweet me @cheaty or @todaysparent!


Love! xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Jul 02, 2013

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