Kim Kardashian's... feet!

Kim Kardashian stepped out in a bump-hugging white dress and extremely uncomfortable looking high heels.

Well, we know that wearing high heels during pregnancy is “probably not a good idea.” But I think it’s safe to say Kim subscribes to the it’s-better-to-look-good-than-to-feel-good school of thought. And it’s painfully clear, as you’ll see below, that Kim will never ever ever (cue Taylor Swift) sacrifice fashion for the sake of comfort. Ever.

But omigosh, while that white Givenchy open-sleeve dress is totally stun-ning, it’s really time to ditch the heels. I know it’s none of my business, but I relate. My feet looked like they belonged to one of our elephant friends when I was pregnant, and I know first-hand that wearing anything other than supportive flats just makes the swelling worse, especially in this heat.

Are you ready for a close up of Kim’s Givenchy Albertina Podium heels? Check it out…

Ouch! I cannot imagine wearing shoes like while pregnant and swollen.

And, you know I love Kimmy-Kim-Kim, so, for the record, I’m not criticizing or judging her at all here. I am merely sending her some please-wear-flats vibes — partly because I’ve been there before, and partly because, well, it just looks like it hurts!

It’s not like Kim isn’t aware of her current shoe issues. She recently posted a photo of the major imprint another pair of Givenchy heels left on her swollen feet. Check it out here.

Wow. She still looks so gorgeous. I just wish she’d get some cute flats and put those feet up!

xo Haley-O

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