Kate Middleton: "Perfect" birth, smoothies, the dress...

Details on Kate Middleton's diet, hairstylist, life at Bucklebury and more — plus what she tells friends of the "perfect" birth of Prince George.

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New details surrounding the birth of Prince George have emerged, and it turns out the birth was, indeed, as perfect as it seemed.

Katie Nicholl, who's written a new biography of the Duchess of Cambridge, shares some great info surrounding the birth and weeks following in the latest issue of Vanity Fair Magazine, for whom she's also a royal correspondent.

"She spoke to some of her best girlfriends after the birth and described the birth as perfect," a source tells Nicholl (according to the Daily Mail). "She said it was straightforward and there were no complications. She wanted a natural birth and she was so happy she was able to have one."

As I've noted before, the media and royals have developed a relatively respectful, symbiotic relationship, and this great tidbit is a perfect example of that: Kate was actually spotted entering the hospital early on the morning of July 22 — with a dark shawl covering her hair, Nicholl reveals — but photographers deemed it inappropriate to snap her.

The Vanity Fair article also reveals some fashion details we were all wondering about — like how Kate's hairstylist, Amanda Cook Tucker, who was on call throughout the month of July, brought various dresses for Kate to choose from for her famous post-baby appearance with Prince William and the royal baby outside St. Mary's Hospital.


"She chose the pale blue spotted Jenny Packham dress that afternoon because her tummy was still very rounded," the source shares, "and she decided there was no point trying to hide her bump, so she went for a flattering dress that showed off her curves."

The relocation to Kate's family's home in Bucklebury, right after the birth, was a point of contention among the royals, too, Nicholl reports. It was an extremely expensive operation moving the family's protection team, so the Queen was reluctant but ultimately went with it.

In Buckleberry, Kate and William have loads of privacy — so Kate's parents aren't on top of them. They even have their own living room. Prince George, Nicholls says, slept in a moses basket by Kate's side of the bed for the first few weeks.


Kate's mother, Carole Middleton, has apparently been whipping up her beloved homemade muesli bars and smoothies to keep Kate healthy and nourished. And as we've seen in recent photos, she's she looks well and rested since the birth of Prince George.

Now, the royal family's in the throes of planning the big christening, which will entail naming six godparents for Prince George. Stay tuned! And get full details in the October issue of Vanity Fair.

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This article was originally published on Sep 06, 2013

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