12 Toddler Boy Haircut Ideas

12 Toddler Boy Haircut Ideas


The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, and you know what that means — time for a cool new haircut! But why stop at yourself? Your kids' hair deserves some love too. After all, split ends and damage can make their hair look dull and lifeless. Give them a new cut and watch their hair grow healthy and strong

However, if you're a parent of a toddler boy, you know that finding the right hairstyle can be just as difficult as getting him to eat his vegetables. But don't worry, we've rounded up the best toddler boy haircut ideas for all hair types and lengths. And if you're looking for low-maintenance styles, we've got that for you too, so you can say goodbye to the daily struggle of brushing his hair.

From fades to mohawks, these 12 haircuts are totally worth booking an appointment for! Until then, be sure to invest in one of the best kids shampoos to keep each look in tip-top shape.

Gentleman's Haircut

gentlemans cut iStock

Whether you're a young lad or a distinguished gentleman, a classic gentleman's haircut is always in style. With a shorter length and a clean side part, it's perfect for anyone who wants to look sharp and put-together, says Ebony Gordon, a licensed hair artist and owner of Hairista Studio. "I love this haircut for men, but especially toddlers," she tells Today's Parent. "I think it’s such a fun and dapper look for little boys."

However, bear in mind that this cut requires a little more upkeep than other styles on our list."Because there is a more defined part, some people may notice the need to get it cut more frequently," Gordon adds. "But wearing a scarf at nighttime as well as covered in the shower may prolong the life of the style."

High Fade

high fade iStock

If you're tired of shelling out big bucks for your toddler's haircut, Gordon has a money-saving tip: ask the barber for a high-fade. "This cut has shaved sides and some hair on top, and it's perfect for those with naturally curly or wavy hair," she says. 'I love this style because it lasts longer between appointments and it's a great way to show off those cute curls."

Gordon's got some great news for you: the high fade is not only a stylish cut, but it's also low maintenance and easy to style at home. "The high fade haircut does not require as much maintenance as some other styles," she explains. "The beauty behind this style is that you can play around with your natural texture and sport a more blown-out look or use curl-enhancing products to define the curl."



mohawk iStock

If your baby boy is a total wild child, a mohawk cut will definitely match his energy! To get the look, ask the barber to shave both sides of the head and leave a strip of long hair in the center. Word to the wise: a mohawk is a high-maintenance cut, so if you're not up for the challenge, maybe opt for a simpler style for your son until he's a little older.

Faux Hawk

Faux hawk iStock

For a slightly more wearable mohawk, this is a great style to try. It has short sides that are not shaved and a long strip of hair in the middle that makes it a little more subtle and not as spiky. Bonus: this style is also a winner for busy parents because it's low-maintenance and easy to style with a comb and a little gel.

Taper Fade

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If you ask us, a taper fade is one of the most stylish toddler boy haircuts on our list. It has long hair on top that tapers down the sides and back and can be styled in a variety of ways including slicked back, styled up, or messy. Heads up: the higher the fade, the higher the maintenance. So, make sure you have a good chat with your barber about how much upkeep you're willing to do before you make the chop.


Buzz cut

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A buzz cut is always perfect for little ones who can't sit still or love to fidget. Sure, it may not be the most stylish, but it's painfully low-maintenance and requires no styling whatsoever. That means getting out the door to school will be a lot easier... and you won't have to chase your son around with a hairbrush to comb his hair anymore.

Crew Cut

crew cut iStock

If your toddler isn't quite ready for a buzz cut but still wants a shorter look, a crew cut could be the perfect choice. It has short hair on top and graduated lengths on the sides and back. Crew cuts are typically a great, low-maintenance option for kids and don't require much styling. With a little gel or pomade, you can achieve a smooth and polished look or a more relaxed, textured look. However, remember: if your son wants to keep the cut at the same length, you will need to factor in regular trips to the hairdresser.

Spiky Hair

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Want your little guy to stand out from the crowd? A spiky haircut is the perfect way to show off his unique personality! This style works for all hair types (straight hair, thick hair, natural hair, etc.) and lengths. And it's not hard to keep this style full of life at home. With a comb and some gel, you can create spikes that will make him the envy of all his friends.



Here's another short-hair idea that's sure to be a hit! It's got some length on top, but the back and sides are closely cut or buzzed for a modern look. You can style it in a variety of ways, like brushed up, slicked back, or even as a faux hawk. Just remember that an undercut can be low maintenance or not, depending on how it's cut, so make sure to talk to your barber about your options.

Curly Top

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If your son is blessed with a head of gorgeous curly hair, celebrity hairstylist Michelle Nicole Jones recommends a curly top cut to flaunt them. "Ask your barber to trim the hair to the desired length and taper it low at the hairline for a clean look," she tells Today's Parent. And the best part? This style is easy to maintain and style at home, according to Jones. For a finer texture, she recommends using water and conditioner to define curls, while a curl cream works best for thicker textures. Plus, this cut is forgiving as it progresses, allowing you to trim it once a month or as desired.

Surfer Cut

Summer may be in the rearview, but with a surfer cut, your toddler can still ride those waves all year round. It's an effortless style (that looks best when dried naturally) that gives them that cool, beachy look without ever leaving home. This is a great style for medium to longer lengths, so if your little one has longer hair or (wants to grow out their hair long), this is a great style to experiment with.


Layered long cut

layered long cut iStock

According to Becca Raziuddin, director of artist education at Blo Blow Dry Bar, a layered long cut is the way to go if your kiddo's medium-length hair is starting to get long but doesn't want to make a big chop."This is a great boys hairstyle with straighter hair that tends to lay flat to the head," she tells Today's Parent.  "The layers will give it some lift and volume so it isn’t so flat."


How often should I wash a toddler's hair?

According to the Academy of Dermatology, washing a toddler's hair is similar to washing your own hair and depends on the hair type, texture, and level of activity. While washing at bathtime is usually fine, it's important to avoid washing your toddler's hair every day as it can cause the hair to become dry and damaged. Instead, you should keep washings to once a week, as Jones says it may be too harsh for certain hair types and textures. "Toddler boy's hair should be shampooed based on need and texture," she says. "Once a week should be fine for most toddler boys."

How often should I cut a toddler's hair?

Trying to give your toddler a haircut can be a real hair-raising experience, especially if they can't sit still for long. Jones suggests spacing out trims and cuts, especially since toddlers are so squirmish.

How can I make my child feel more comfortable during haircuts?

If your little one is a wiggle worm, you'll want to make sure the haircut process is as easy as possible for both them and the barber. So, be sure to bring some toys or a tablet to keep them distracted, and make sure you're as encouraging as possible. After all, a happy kid means a happy barber, says Jones. "Be encouraging about a haircut," she tells Today's Parent. "Let them see you or a sibling get a cut and find a way to keep them distracted."

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