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Cool haircuts for boys in 2019

Snag a little inspiration for your son’s next barber sesh with these trendy boys' haircuts and hairstyles for toddlers to teens.

Cool haircuts for boys in 2019

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Forget the mullets, rat tails and bowl cuts of yesteryear. Little boys’ haircuts are so much cooler in 2019. The trendiest hairstyles mirror grown men’s cuts of all shapes and lengths and include interesting design elements to match any personality. In this round-up of 10 looks, you’re sure to find something to suit your son’s hair type and ’tude.

Boys’ short haircuts

With fades, comb-overs, colour combos and sculptural elements, short hairstyles for boys have never been more varied. If you like a neat, well-groomed look, a short haircut is the way to go.


Sculpted front

Little boys’ haircuts can range from cutesy to cool and this one skews far towards the latter. It’s short throughout except for a long section at the front that you can brush back and even sculpt with a little texturizer. He’ll feel like a big boy with this stylin’ ’do.

Colour-me cute

Maybe he has a special event or maybe it’s an average Thursday. Whatever the occasion, a touch of colour is a fun addition and looks especially cool when applied in stencilled shapes or to the longer portion of a haircut.

The pompadour

When his hair is so thick that you don’t know what to do with it, you can crop his locks as short as possible or you can take advantage of the volume. This pompadour style keeps plenty of volume at the top and front to flaunt it while he’s got it. 

Old-school side part

Get this kid a comb and some hair tonic! This classic boys’ haircut with a deep side part and comb-over suits a dapper teen with a strong sense of style. It works for any hair type, but requires frequent trips back to the barber to keep it looking its clean-cut best. 

Boys’ medium haircuts


When you prefer a longer style, want to show off texture or like the juxtaposition between long and buzzed sections, the medium-length haircut is a no-brainer. 

Subtle layers

This haircut has youthful charm because it skips all the design extras and leaves some length. Just make sure to include subtle layering and a fringe that dusts the brows or you could stray into bowl-cut territory. 

Boy-band style

Long on top and buzzed on the sides, this boy-band style with hair swept back from the face has definite swagger. It works best for fine hair that’s straight or wavy. 

The faux-hawk

The boys’ fade haircut has never been more popular, and this faux-hawk version is a great way for curly-haired teens to keep some length. To get the essence of this style, he’ll need tight curls that maintain their integrity even without product. 

Boys’ long haircuts

Long and lush! Preserve those precious strands with boys’ haircuts that are long on top. These styles feature extra details for a kid or teen who likes his look to pop.  

Man bun and V-shaped neckline


Not ready to say goodbye to his luscious mane but experiencing resistance from your little man? An undercut with a deep V pointing towards the nape is an edgy way to have the best of both worlds. He can wear his hair down or up in a “man bun” to show off the shaved portion of the cut. 

Two-strand twists

For boys with kinky curly hair, two-strand twists are a great way to maintain long hair while those voluminous strands in place. Though these are possible with straight or wavy hair, boys of Black ethnicity wear them best.

Get creative

Looking for teen haircuts that have it all? This style has a long top with braids, a high fade and buzzed design. And while this cut features a wave design, there are endless other options including swirls, hard parts (where there’s a shaved line right along the part), lightning bolts, stars or anything else you can imagine. 

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